superstar of culture

noun [ C ] / su·​per·​star of cul·​tur /

a cultural change-maker; a champion of all things arts, culture, and education-related; a leader within the arts and culture field; an individual that we can all learn from

see also: cultural superhero, cultural role model


Lauren Lessing, the change-embracer

However strange, change just cannot be arranged. Though many of us dream to outpace and replace it, why not embrace it, retrace it, and even chase it? Why not face that it is commonplace for our human race and let it move us at some certain pace with neuve grace? In whatever case, space, or place, it: “is the only constant in life” ~ Heracules ; “is the dominant factor in society today” ~ Isaac Asimov ; and “takes place when a person has risked [them]self and dares to become