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superstar of culture

noun [ C ] / su·​per·​star of cul·​tur /

a cultural change-maker; a champion of all things arts, culture, and education-related; a leader within the arts and culture field; an individual that we can all learn from

see also: cultural superhero, cultural role model


Joan Vendrell & Roser Oduber, the artists inspiring artists

Where does creativity come from? Must it come from sleepless nights never changing our clothes nor shoes, like it did for Michelangelo? Or from working on a horrendous hangover, like it did for Francis Bacon? Or perhaps from obsessively collecting knick-knacks, like it did for Andy Warhol? After having spent a weekend in Calders, Cataluña with Roser Oduber and Joan Vendrell, I can confirm that creativity does not need to come from eccentric habits like these. Indeed, sometime


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