In an interview in 1977, cultural icon and pop art influencer, Andy Warhol, brought the concept of a "superstar" to life. Like Warhol, we continue to think of superstars as "really great [people]" with wide appeal, talent, and success, but somewhere along the line we've forgotten about the superstars in our everyday lives -- the people that go that extra mile to enrich, inspire, and strengthen our communities. 

There are many unwritten biographies and untold stories of superstars working at the intersection of the arts, education, and culture that deserve to be recognized, shared, and celebrated. Superstars of Culture is devoted to combing our world's biggest of cities and smallest of towns for those underdogs and their all-too-often overlooked tales that hold the potential of inspiring a future of prosperity for the arts, culture, and education. Join us in celebrating our unsung cultural heroes and the impact they are having everyday more!





Arts education advocate balancing research, practice, and studies
Founder of Superstars of Culture
Harvard Graduate School of Education MEd Candidate
Colby College '18


Know any superstars who ought to be featured? Let us know here.


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